Who’s in charge here?

I know that I am not the only one out there that is suffering through co-sleeping. 😱 Baby boy has been co-sleeping with me for way too long, and his night time shenanigans have left me shaking me head. I’ve learned that with these tiny humans, they tend to make the biggest demands and changes. With having two kids prior to this, you’d think that I’d be used to this and definitely not surprised, right?

There’s an eight year age difference between my middle son and baby chuckie, so I was out of the new mom game for a minute. These new era babies are way different than their predecessors. I’ve put up a toddler bed for him, after he absolutely refused to even get inside his crib. He’ll sleep in the toddler bed, but gets up in the middle of the night and make his way to my room or his oldest brother’s.

I’ve read about fifty Pinterest pins on how to boot my co-sleeper, but those toss and tricks don’t stand a chance against this strong willed tot. He’s entered the stripper stage of toddlerism so its nothing for me to wake up to him sprawled out across the bed missing some clothing items or his diaper. I don’t know if I’m going to wake up to tiny Magic Mike or boss baby 2.0. I need some serious help because I would love to enjoy my safe place, my bed. Any advice on how I can get past this stage and still maintain some sanity?


Chill Out Mom

Being the semi-ok-ish mom that I am, I’ve signed my little guys up for basketball with our local recreation department. You know, so that the little people can run off some of that energy that the good Lord so graciously blesses them with daily. We’ve done rec league sports before and I don’t have the most athletic offspring of my parent’s gene pool, but the older two have something that they’re good at. I’m lying, my middle baby boy is not as savvy when it comes to sports as my oldest son is. This is fine to me because he does very well academically, but he thinks that he’s Steph Curry.

When I asked them both if they wanted to play basketball this summer, my middle baby was the first to say that he did because he couldn’t wait to score a lot of points like Steph Curry. I held back my laughter as best as I could because I didn’t want to discourage him from trying something new. Immediately, from the first practice that this was going to a very entertaining season for me. This middle kid though, he was excited about his first game.

He got up early, showered, ate breakfast, and got his Steph Curry sneakers on, ready to bring it. I have a very supportive family so the boys had lot pettiness in their cheering section. Most of all, they came to see how my middle child was going to do. Truth be told, I really excited for him because he doesn’t really understand the basics and he would probably be the kid that would shoot the ball in the other team’s basket. He was happy sitting on the bench and waiting his turn to go in while his mama was praying he wouldn’t make a mistake.

Then, during one of the timeouts. I noticed him dancing and really enjoying the moment. I thought, “why can’t I just do that?” Here I was freaking out about my little Steph-less Curry and he didn’t have a care in the work other than just playing on the team. I was able to relax and enjoy the game with my family and the boy’s team won 12-4. My middle kid claimed that he made all twelve of those points in his reenactment to my sister later on. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

How many of you parents end up missing out on some moments that your children have all because you’re taking things way too serious?

Build-a- Bear Nightmare

So, were any of you parents brave enough to venture into the lines on yesterday for Build-A-Bear’s pay your age promotion? If you’re like me and still traumatized from ordinary grocery store outings with my troop, that always end in some full blown tantrum by one of us, then you stayed home and watched the ruckus from the comfort of your couch.

Personally, I think the whole thing was a set up to test the sanity of all mom. Well Chuckie Cheese did not want to be out done and said hold my beer. For today only, you can pay your age for 30 minutes of “All Play” at Chuckie Cheese. Again, another set for these poor moms.

Although my family is now on a very, very tight budget, I almost feel like I’m cheating them of cheap fun by not indulging in promotions like Build-A-Bear and Chuckie Cheese. Sure, we could’ve gone and hung out in line all day yesterday for a stuff toy that was going to end up in my living room and eventually the neighbor’s outside trash can (insert evil laugh). We could also go to Chuckie Cheese and let the boys run buck wild and tire themselves out, I would get at least an hour break too, but we’ll bypass all of the madness. I’ll keep my sanity, at least for the day because I have plans to have a nice bath tonight without any little people banging on the bathroom door. I will achieve this by reminding oldest two boys that it’s Friday the 13th and all little boys have to be silent from 7pm tonight until 9 am Saturday morning or they’ll have seven years of bad luck. Wish me luck on maintaining sanity, for the moment, and say a prayer for those mamas and daddies that braved yesterday’s nightmare.

I would like to know if you have ever denied your little one (s) some fun for your own piece of mind?

We Got This

With only two weeks left until my oldest two boys return to school (insert cartwheels here), I’ve got to get myself together to start back momming it.  There’s a list of things that I’ve had all summer to get done, but have not. I took took a break, I deserved it. I’ve got to start making appoitments for something, I’m sure.  I have to go shopping for school uniform pants and shirts ( Children’s Place has an awesome sale today on their uniform tops and bottoms if you’re cheap like me). Oh and my 10 year and I, along with his pediatrician, are going to have to come to a final decision on whether or not he’s going to take medication this school year for his ADHD (face palm).  Before anyone starts with the comments about he’s only 10 and he shouldn’t be making this decision, save it.  Previously, I prided myself on being one of the most strict parent out of my mother’s three children, but as my boys get older, I’ve found myself being a little more lenient with them.  Not too much, but I do think that my son has earned the right to assist in making decisions on his health care treatment.

I’ve never hidden his disability from him by calling it some nickname that lessens the dirty looks that we may get when I tell folks that he has ADHD. It is very important for him that I am open about some things with him because he does want his voice heard and I can’t help but to notice that he got from his mama for sure.  Also, in the African American community telling folk that you’re child has a disability and that you actually take them to a doctor (gasp) for treatment will most definitely get you some unwelcomed looks and/or comments.  Personally, I don’t care, but my child does and I’ve taught him that there’s nothing wrong with him and no one should make him feel down about having ADHD.  Thanks to websites like ADDA and ADDitude Magazine, I’ve found some uselful tools on treatment options, medicines, therapy, blogs and research regarding ADHD that have helped me understand what the pediatrician is talking about durning our appointments and how I can keep help my son play an active role in managing his ADHD.

I digress.  So as time winds down for me to get my head back into the game, I am going to adult my way through this list of things to do before the kids go back to school as best as I can and if I screw something up, oh well.  We got this…I think.  I would like to know though, what are some things that you give you child (ren) the opportunity to have their voices heard on?  At what age do you think it is appropriate to let them voice their opinions?

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